A lot goes into the creation of mutually beneficial, successful corporate and cause marketing partnerships. Our systematic approach helps guide our nonprofit clients through a process that delivers results while also building internal capacity, skills and experience that yield benefits well beyond our engagement. We can help teach you how to fish, do the fishing for you, or a little of both.   


We identify other nonprofit organizations with similar or related missions, review how they position themselves and the corporate partners with whom they work.


We create an inventory of all things unique and proprietary to your organization that can be offered as benefits to prospective corporate partners.


We work with your mission and translate it into a concise, compelling narrative that will resonate with prospective corporate partners.


We create a set of criteria and use it to identify and prioritize potential partners and the decision makers within their organizations with whom you are most likely to connect and “fit”. 


We create a “master sales deck” that will be used to generate attention and interest from prospective corporate partners and lead to more in-depth, advanced conversations.


We’re sales experts. It’s in our DNA.  We will navigate not only the content but the execution of the entire sales process, from cold call/email to negotiated partnership agreement.